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The Heart of Martial Power
Real strength and power come from the awakened heart.

30" x 20" Prismacolors on black board (with Photoshop texture added)
Icarus Ignited
An old favorite brought into Photoshop and turned up a few notches :)

High quality prints available here:…

See the original color pencil version here: Icarus by Kiminjo


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Gregory Bart
United States
Hey guys...welcome to my art page. I'm all about growth, love, and courage to build a world where our greatest visions come alive forever. I hope you're with me :)

Feel free to contact me at
Making art is about expressing the truth experienced directly in the heart. I like to show what is in my heart. It is where I find God, and power, and solace. I am grateful for the opportunity to express these things.

I feel that many artists are fundamentally unconcerned with expressing anything sincere from their heart. Rather, they seek to derive value and recognition for their art through cultivating technical prowess. This creates art that is fundamentally weak and without spiritual value, however much relative cultural value may be attributed to it.

Real artistic value is expressed through sincere willingness to be present in one's heart. This is where qualities like innocence, courage, wisdom, and power actually come through. When we concern ourselves with creating art from this space, we are freer to perceive the artwork of others, and experience the true value of art from an objective and meaningful place.

Technical skills have the relative value of giving us a foundation to articulate our vision. They give us a basic language through which to speak. Yet to value technique in and of itself is empty of spiritual power, and valuing technique above sincere expression makes our spirit and our art arrogant and hypocritical. When we value sincere expression above technique, we discover ourselves and the immensity of spirit that is our source and nourishment. 

I believe that our personal and artistic evolution derives from the willingness to be sincere in our hearts and expression. The keys to this expression are meditation and courage. Meditation is the practice of being present in the uncertainties of our heart in order to yield clarity and insight. Courage is the act of claiming our voice and expressing it with the conviction that it is good and true, even when we make mistakes. Using these keys, we make art that nourishes and transforms us. This is the objective value of art with heart.



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flipation Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the:+fav:!
yalchinosis Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
Hello Gregory,

thanks a lot for the fav. :)
Barahtianskiy Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for the fave+fav Hug 
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Another year to congratulate you, to wish you joy and fun in your birthday, you receive the warmth and affection of everyone you love, you have gifts that the best is still life and share it. You give your dreams and illusions. Get fondly many kisses as do years!

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Bishop-Of-Balance Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav Gerg :aww:
Totally resonate with your journal post Art with heart (from 2014) . I also believe in excellence, I love seeing the incredible amount of effort and technical skill people invest in their art to further enforce the message they are trying to convey. The more asthenic value & character, the longer I delve into viewing and absorbing the piece. But you're on point, the sincere expression of the heart is transformational.
Kiminjo Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2016
I'm glad to hear Art with Heart resonates with you. I agree with you that technical prowess can really serve to articulate an artistic message and make it more compelling. My intention is not to overlook that fact, which is widely acknowledged as relevant to good art and artists. The essential element that is often glossed over is the development not only of technical skills but of access to inspiration. How do we mature our relationship to where our art comes from? How do we access relevant and truthful imagery? How do we create art that can uplift our culture and society? These are the questions to be asked, and answered, with more sincerity if we are to show true excellence in our work.
Bishop-Of-Balance Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Hehe, B-O-B
Indeed. It takes a special artist to move from using art to fill their own desires and needs but instead using art more altruistically and uplifting culture/society. Interesting, care to elaborate on 'access to inspiration' and 'our relationship to where our art comes from' ?
Kiminjo Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2016
Where does your inspiration come from? What guides the decision making in your creative process? For me, the answer comes from acknowledging the presence of a wiser and greater reality than just myself. This is not isolated to just when I paint or draw; it is the basic orientation for my life.

I think an essential way for artists to orient is to this basic sense of humility and openness. We gain power and influence in our artistic voice when we learn from those who are greater than us - not by blindly asserting ourselves but by learning from those who are truly great. And when we are actually sincere and honest with ourselves, greatness is obvious, challenging, and inspiring.
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husark Featured By Owner May 3, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey Kimi, I've been seeing your art for a while now, really like it btw, and I wanted to ask you. I make Deviantart Compilations over at my Youtube channel:…

So the question is: Do you want me to make you a Deviantart Compilation of your artwork??
You can tell me what art you want me to use, what song you want me to use, etc.

Respond plz
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